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  1. Luis Campalans
    Luis Campalans
    Ya I just purchased her about a month ago. Got a killer deal. Already slayed some yt and big bass on it. Any big mod changes you have done?
  2. Luis Campalans
  3. scorpio252c
    scorpio252c Bottom Line
    The Tribute from Seaforth
  4. tmines
  5. fishing rebel
    fishing rebel danny osuna
    Hola, just got phone with Daniel from Okuma in Cali. He mentioned that you are doing service on Mak SEC ? The clickers on our 16's are failing. Would appreciate
    any info..........thanks
  6. leroyha
    leroyha Panchovilla
    Hi Ron I am interest reel can you give me a call or text 714-2518548 thx
  7. leroyha
    leroyha 84674
    Hi David do you still have Avet ?? I am interest it can you give me a call or text 714-251-8548 thx
  8. Justin adorni
  9. bajaspearo
    bajaspearo Socalfin
    Hi, have an ($250) Black HXJ 5/2 Narrow and ($300) Black HXJ 5/2 regular.
    Both are in great shape, can sent photos.

    323 833 0862 text
    1. Socalfin
      Can you send pictures please. Thank you.
      Sep 19, 2017 at 1:19 PM
  10. teamchingon
    teamchingon ksong
    Hi ksong,

    Can you send me your e mail address? I want to fish Korea in October and need some info
  11. mcrae
    What price are you thinking about?
  12. bigwill857
    bigwill857 oliver.solis
    Still got any pro gears left?
    1. oliver.solis
      Sep 18, 2017 at 6:32 PM
  13. lkatdpelicanfly
    lkatdpelicanfly mcrae
    Hey Chad,
    Just letting you know I'm going to be putting up 10 more packs of 6.5" to 7" big hammers. 3 of those packs are 6.5" big hammers with the deeper body (2 sardine, 1 sexy smelt) and then in the 7" slim profile....more of the same colors you got from me:
    (3) Grinch (2) grunion, 1 red calico,
    Let me know if you want these either thru text or BD...I'll probably put up the post in a few hours or so.
  14. SalishFish
  15. kieyou
    kieyou fishslayer812
    Hey Brian, would like to connect with you regarding some of your skipjack parts. Call or text 310 686 3674
  16. g-unit
    g-unit longboard85
    Hey Cory,,way to slay some yellows. Good to see you out and posting. Fishing next Wednesday, leaving Tuesday night. Light load. Send me a PM if you want info and can jump on overnight.
  17. Rivertrip
    Rivertrip imogene
    Hi Paul, wondering about hiring you as a fishing guide. My cell is 619-six0two-237five. Thanks, Steve
  18. acestriker
    acestriker Ryebread
    Hi I know this was an old posting but I didn’t see if anyone bought these guns off you. I was wondering if you still have them for sale. I am in Orange County.

    $750 for the Extrema and $700 for the Urika(AL391)

    Thank you. You can call or text 714-883-2341
  19. TheShark
    Guiding in Hamilton Montana, happy to be back
  20. Zachary4