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  1. surfaceiron
    surfaceiron aceo2b
    I'll take them I can come today after 530
  2. cwinnes
    cwinnes Croaker_King
    Thanks again for the charter on the Legend that was a ton of fun. Let me be first in line if you ever want to wrap some pliers again. Keep seeing your older posts and want a pair LOL
  3. Ed Thomas
    Ed Thomas apogee
    Apogee, i too am apogee. A 24’ Albamarle , an been looking to find a trailerable 28-30.
    How do you like your ride? Been lookin at 28 Parker, and a 29’ defiance. Not sure of the defiance workmanship, but the ride looks great. Possibly a Grady White, but just don’t know enough.
  4. bajapro
    bajapro ztunamann
    what am i selling in loreto??
  5. kim dunbar
    kim dunbar RodRage
    I'd be happy to take some steaks off your hands if the offer still stands... used to buy thresher all the time when it was offered in the markets. You can text me at 562 243-1123 if can meet up sometime.

    Best Regards,
  6. Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson benwah22
    Good sir I would like some help with my new slow jigging setup I’ve purchased but can’t figure out the line to use. I’ve bought a Phenix Titan Slow Pitch 6’8 MH and paired it with a 2019 Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG
  7. kkmwhit
  8. kkmwhit
  9. Dylan Marschall
    Dylan Marschall bluflamed67
    Hey Luke,
    Are you still in the market for a boat? I have a 25' Grady White Sailfish for sale. It's a very well taken care of 1990 (in very good condition) with new Evinrude twin 150 outboards. I repowered it last year and they have less than 100 hours on them. Boat is turn key. Shoot me a text and I'll send you some pics!
    $40k firm.
    (760) 420-1632
  10. here'smymule
    here'smymule fishdoggary
    I have some blanks that need to be rigged. No holes. Will need paint. Treble and fixed(yes! I have the right hooks).
    Saw you did a mackerel; there is a IISharp dark yellow with almost a navy stipes that I've always loved.
    Friends with Jeff Villapondo and Sal Russo. Hope that doesn't go against me. Tut,too! Got a lot of old shit.
    310 736-8231
  11. leroyha
    leroyha robdahmob
    I want it call or text 714-251-8548 thx
  12. PD41
    PD41 Jason
    Hi Jason, Can you please lower the price of my 20' Bertram Bahia Mar from $11,000
    to $9300 ? I will bump it today. Thanks
  13. denis
    denis 1 Ola Mas
    I heard fishing was slow. Hope you guys liked the lures still
  14. Robert Tschakert
    Robert Tschakert killinfish
    Looking for a 32 gallon water drop tank in white. Could you post a picture of it and price?
  15. denis
    denis 1 Ola Mas
    Can u make a report please as we spoke about ? We’re u with Juan
    1. 1 Ola Mas
      1 Ola Mas
      Fished on a gringo boat. Small yt behind horsehead. Not much else.
      Oct 19, 2019 at 11:08 PM
  16. hoang373
    hoang373 gearshifter
    Interested in your autopilot computer if still available call me 714)3832326 Kenny
  17. Christopher c
    Christopher c Bajaloma
    this boat steel for sail
  18. DerrickSD
    DerrickSD fishislife
    I'm interested in the 16hg. I'd like to take a look next week. What is your availability?
  19. last ride
    last ride mahi
    BOB I WILL TAKE THEM, Ken 619) 301`3213
  20. Z8chry9
    Hi I suck at fishing