Outboard Boat Motor Flushing – How To Video

flushing outboard boat motorFly Navarro and Capt. Terry offer the voice of experience on the importance of flushing your outboard boat motor with fresh water.  They also teach you how simple it is in this quick how to video on outboard maintenance.  You can prevent corrosion from saltwater inside the cooling systems of outboard boat motors by following the engine maker’s recommended flushing procedures.  Many modern outboards do not have to be started to flush the cooling system.

Follow the Steps

  1. Hook up freshwater hose to engine inlet or via ear muff outboard flusher.
  2. Let water run for 3 to 5 minutes to flush the cooling system.
  3. Occasionally you can use a desalt/mineral product to help clean out deposits from the insides of the outboard motor and the lower unit.

Hooking them up to a fresh water source and letting it flow for 3 to 5 minutes will make a huge impact on how long your outboard engines last.

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