Florida Fishing Needs Outside Help Now

Florida fishing

Florida Fishing Needs Outside Help

You don’t have to live in Florida to care about the survival of its fisheries and waterways.

You might want to visit the Everglades one day or tap into Florida’s many diverse fishing opportunities.  But unfortunately, many of these wild places teeter on the brink of total destruction due to poor water and pollution management.  Progress has been made recently and the momentum of the public outcry is growing, but Florida needs the voices to come from outside the state too.  The U.S. Senate is about to vote on measures that could make or break the progress made so far.  To have sportsmen and anglers from other states request action to save Florida will go a long way in saving these places for everyone to enjoy.

Captains For Clean Water have created a super simple “Take Action” button that literally takes a few seconds to send an email to your specific Senators.

Please, lets join our voices and save wild places!

“Florida has declared a state of emergency. Again. Fisherman, families and the outdoor recreation industry are watching once crystalline waters turn to pea soup. Again. Along with the floating fish, our businesses, real estate values and precious summer moments in the fishing capital of the world are dying. 

This man-made crisis has a man-made solution. The Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir is a vital addition to the Central Everglades Project (CEP). This project, which has been part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan since it’s authorization by Congress in 2000, will reduce polluted discharges to Florida’s coastal communities by nearly 54% while increasing critical freshwater flow to the Florida Keys. 

The EAA reservoir is needed to stop threats to our health and impacts to a $9.3 billion dollar fishing industry which supports more than 120,000 jobs. Please authorize the CEP Post Authorization Change report in the upcoming Water Resource Development Act to stop this recurring nightmare and fulfill the federal government’s commitment to restoring America’s Everglades.”

This is the message we need you to send, but it is simple to do. just press the button and fill out your basic information.  It generates the rest and it does make the difference!  Please help!

Visit Captains For Clean Water to learn more about the issues and the solutions.