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SeaDek Flat Fenders – A Better Way To Protect Your Boat

SeaDek Dek Defenders

Most boaters have become very familiar with SeaDek products as they have become the industry standard for a wide variety of boat flooring material along with a growing host of related products like helm pads, cooler pads, measuring stick pads and more.  Now SeaDek is utilizing it’s incredibly durable and cushioning closed-cell foam material in another innovative way.

SeaDek Dek Defenders

Introducing the Flat Fender, a simple idea turned genius thanks to the benefits offered by SeaDek’s incredibly durable material.  All boats need protection from harsh objects and surfaces when tied to the dock or other fixed structures.  Traditionally, boaters use bulky inflatable fenders that are hard to store and sometimes hard to keep in position to do their job protecting your boat.

SeaDek’s Flat Fenders easily hang in multiple configurations to protect your boat, and yet their flat profile is so easy to tuck away below decks or in your storage compartments.

SeaDek Dek Defenders

The Flat Fenders come in several sizes and a variety of two-toned color choices.

  • Mocha over Black
  • Storm Gray over Black
  • Storm Gray over White
  • Bimini Blue over White

The Flat Fenders come in single or twin packs and are currently offered in two sizes: Small 19.5″ x 7.5″ x 2″ and   Medium 25.5″ x 9.75″ x 2”.  They come with a black nylon rope so you are ready to easily hang them in place.

Visit the SeaDek website to order yours and check out all of the innovative boating products they offer.