Fishing Gear

Camo Fade Boardshort

Fishworks has built a strong following of fishermen by producing quality clothing that looks great, functions in the cockpit and stands up to the rigors of fishing. That’s the company tradition, and there’s something to be said for tradition.

“The latest pair of boardshorts to come out of Fishworks features the Camo Fade, setting a new benchmark for boardshort design.”

The boys at Fishworks did their homework coming up with the perfect Camo Fade and it shows. The shorts come complete with all the features you need to maximize your fishing performance. There are two embroidered cargo pockets, double plier pockets complete with water-draining grommets, an antilock zipper-fly and a nylon drawstring.

Keep your pliers holstered right to your side as you get ready to unhook your next trophy yellowtail. And this lightweight material keeps you nice and cool as the season heats up. They dry very quickly as well so don’t be afraid of taking a few waves over the transom as you back down on a big billfish. This new design is destined to become a perennial favorite.

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