Yo-Zuri Mag Popper – The Ultimate Southern California Tuna Popper

The Mag Popper, a tried and true topwater popper lure around the world. BD’s own Jordan Jennings breaks down the different sizes, applications and techniques for fishing the Mag Popper here in Southern California. One of our go-to lures for “foamer fishing” bluefin and yellowfin tuna.

The popper is just so much fun for me. It’s an absolute adrenaline rush right? You’re seeing the bite, it’s on the surface. It’s high stakes – high rewards. It’s super fun. There’s something about seeing that bite that really really brings me back and is such an adrenaline rush.

Action: Top water Popper
Body: Tough and Durable ABS Resin.
Length: R1370 – 5 ¼’, 130 mm.
Weight: 1 ¾ oz
Hardware: 3x Heavy Duty Hooks and 3X Heavy Duty Split Rings
Features: Patented Weight Transfer System
Colors: Bone, Black Purple, Black Silver, Bronze, Green Mackerel, Sardine, Pearl Red Head, Yellow.
Depth Range: Surface Popper

Mag Poppers (left to right) in Pearl Red Head, Bronze, and Green Mackerel colors

Check out the Yo-Zuri Website to check it out.


Jordan Jennings
Jordan Jennings grew up boating and fishing the lakes of his home state of Michigan. Cutting his teeth on the bass, salmon, perch, and pike of local inland lakes. His passion grew into saltwater fishing on the Gulf of Mexico when visiting family in Florida. He was lucky enough to come from a family ...