Giant Halibut Will Shatter World Record

World Record Halibut Potential

world record halibut

Marco Liebenow got the surprise and the fish of a lifetime recently in Norway. He was fishing in a 19-foot boat with three friends when he hooked something that felt like a submarine.

When his catch hit the surface after a 90-minute battle, he was face to face with a 515-pound Atlantic halibut.

If approved by the IGFA, his fish will beat the existing record of 419 pounds also caught from Norwegian waters in 2004.

The group could not get the fish into the boat so they carefully towed it back to port where it was lifted with a crane. They took their pictures and donated the fish to a local seafood dealer. Then they celebrated their catch with a few beers.

world record halibut

Photos courtesy of Angelreisen Hamburg Facebook page.