Nice Fishing Boots!

I walked into Bass Pro looking for a new pair of fishing boots. I had a trip coming up and my old boots were shot. I tried on a few pairs and finally decided on the most comfortable pair of fishing boots I’ve ever put on my feet. They actually had good support, unlike a lot of flat-footed rubber boots out there, which I knew I’d be thankful for after standing all day on a pitching deck. I was anxious to try them out.

We rolled up to the dock in Long Beach for a little early season rockfishing and the snickers quickly began.

“Nice boots, dude,” the boys said, with a few smirks — and that was just the beginning.“Is it okay to wear white before Memorial Day?” “You better rub some bait on those things, they’re burning my eyes…”

What gives here, fellas? Are you guys jealous of my boots or what?

Finally, one of the older guys pulled me aside and said, “We don’t wear white boots out here. They’re just… we think they’re pretty lame.”

Okay, so I guess I’m that guy. I decided to come clean, “I live in Florida,” I said, “and it gets pretty damn hot wearing dark-green boots all day.”

I took a little ribbing about my shiny new fishing boots, but it was all good-natured. I boasted about how comfortable they were, despite the color, and I wasn’t about to go return them. It really wasn’t a big deal, just another example of how very different the fishing styles are from East Coast to West Coast. But at the end of the day, it’s all about fishing and having a good time. My dad always told me that you should learn something new every time you go fishing, even if the one thing you learn is that you will never go fishing with that jerk ever again. And I’ve tried to stick to that principle over the years. There are so many tricks and different ways of doing things on the water that no one person knows it all (and if they claim to know all there is, then they probably know even less than you do!).

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Charlie Levine grew up in a boating family and his first introduction to the water came at the age of three weeks old, swinging in a hammock on his father's 26-foot Chris-Craft, the Night Rider. After obtaining a degree in journalism, Charlie was fortunate to combine his career with his passion, and...