Whacking the Wahoo

Captain William Wall grew up in one of the most fish-filled states in the U.S., so it is no wonder that he is so well versed at catching so many types of fish. Capt. Wall owns and operates Pelagic Charters out of Venice, Louisiana. He fishes his 33-foot Contender the “All IN”, and it is fully rigged to get his clients to the fish quickly and comfortably.

The variety and abundance of big sportfish out of Venice is staggering. Capt. Wall is as equally adept at trolling for big wahoo, tuna and marlin as he is dropping or jigging for grouper and snapper. He went on to say,

“As of late, the wahoo bite has been really good. For three months after the full moon in January, the big wahoo congregate in numbers and we can really get on them. We go for it any day that is fishable, because wahoo fishing is my favorite. My friends will tell you, it really gets me fired up”

During the calm periods between winter fronts, he has been putting his clients on double and triple digit wahoo consistently. Wahoo are one of the top sportfish to be caught if you ask most experienced anglers. The blazing first run, and the fact that their white meat is such good eating are two of the main reasons this fish is so popular. Also the fact that you have to be somewhere special in the world to catch them in numbers, like Capt. Wall is doing right now. To catch them in number and jumbo size is epic, and is quickly getting the attention of the fishing community around the globe.

Capt. Wall recounted his latest catch of a 116 pound, 9 ounce wahoo which ate a Mann Stretch trolling lure. “These lures are our bread and butter choice for day in and day out wahoo trolling. I do beef up the split rings to 200-pound class and the hooks are swapped out for Mustad or Owner heavy-duty trebles. If you do change up the tackle, the first fish or two will destroy the terminal gear. I use a single strand wire leader and a very small swivel. If I use too big of a swivel, the wahoo will hit it and cut off my lure or fish.”

Capt. Wall is pulling these lures on either a 50w Tiagra or a 40 Torsa, both filled with the appropriate braid from 130# to 80#.

Capt. Wall said,

“This time of year, there is a really good chance of catching a big wahoo. You have to get your tackle right and put in your time, like any fishing or even hunting. But the odds are in our favor with so many big fish around the rigs and reefs.”

The best part for many is that this world-class fishing does not require a passport and a lengthy journey to exotic locals. Right here in our backyard are these fertile fishing grounds that just keep producing big fish, after big fish.

You can give Capt. Wall a call and get in on the action. You can rest assured, that year round, there is some kind of epic bite happening aboard the “ALL IN” in Louisiana; Truly the Sportsman’s Paradise!

Follow the adventures of Capt. Wall on his Facebook or at PelagicChartersllc.com