Van Wormer Resort 2020 Tournament & Event Schedule

The Reel News “Amigos” Week at Palmas De Cortez – May 11th – May 16th (Palmas De Cortez)– Join the gang at The Reel News as they make their yearly visit to Hotel Palmas De Cortez.  Join Jim Goerg, Jim Tuggle and Terry Sheely on this fishing experience of a lifetime.  For more information email Jim Tuggle at [email protected]

The Reel News “Heros” Week at Palmas De Cortez – May 16th– May 21st   (Palmas De Cortez) – Join the gang from the Reel News for the second annual “Heros” week.  Join Jim Goerg and Terry Sheely on this prime time fishing excursion.  For more information email Jim at [email protected]

Roy Clark’s 18th Annual Billfish Tournament – May 28th – June 1st    (Palmas De Cortez) – Join Roy Clark on his annual trip to Hotel Palmas De Cortez.  This is a fun tournament with cash and prizes given out at the end of the tournament.  Prizes will include Cold hard cash, Accurate reels, Eat Me lures and much more. This tournament is limited to no more than 40 people and sells out each year.  For more information email Roy at [email protected]

Baja’s Pro Anglers Tournament – May 30th – June 3rd   (Palmas De Cortez) – Dan Bohannon brings his crew down for his 48th annual tournament at Hotel Palmas De Cortez!

The Father, Son and Buddies Annual tournament – June 9th  – 14th  (Palmas De Cortez).-  Local legend Jack Richardson’s fathers, sons and Buddies tournament is a great opportunity for family and friends to get together each year to fish, drink, and bond together.  Contact John Kett at [email protected] for more information.

54th  Annual Roosterfish Tournament – June 10th – June 14th  (Playa Del Sol) This is the longest-running tournament in the East Cape! The international Roosterfish Tournament is a 100% catch and release tournament focused on the conservation of roosterfish. Contact Mike for more info email: [email protected]

29th  Annual Tournament Anglers Association East Cape Tournament June 7th – June 11th   (Playa Del Sol). The annual TAA tournament will be held at Hotel Playa Del Sol. This billfish tournament is 100% catch and release with a focus on the conservation of all billfish. Contact: Steven Davis – [email protected]. 

Southern California Tuna Club – June 20th – June 25th   (Playa Del Sol)

Joe Del Re Group June 29th – July 3rd (Palmas De Cortez)

Baja Fly Fishing Co. and Dr. Z Fly Fishing’s98th Annual Roosterfish FLY FISHING Tournament –July 7th  – July 12th – (Playa Del Sol) – Join Ramon Zabriskie and  Mike Riese on this one of a kind Fly Fishing Tournament in one of the best roosterfish grounds on earth.  There will be 3 action-packed days of fishing with 2 persons per team/ per super panga.  After the last day of fishing on July 10th, we will have an awards ceremony at 5:00 p.m.  Contact: Mike Rieser (719) 775-3120 for more information on this fun Fly Fishing Tournament.

16th Annual Van Wormer Resorts Dorado Shootout – July 18th  (Palmas De Cortez & Playa Del Sol). This is the granddaddy of them all!  With 126 teams last year, the Dorado Shoot Out is the largest dorado tournament in Baja.  Hosted by Capt. Kit Mc Near, this tournament offers some of the best fishing and prizes of any tournament in Mexico.  One team will walk away with brand new 2020 Volkswagen Amarok 4×4 Pick Up Truck.  This is a one-day tournament.  The largest dorado wins!  There will be optional jackpots available of $200,$300, $500, and $1,000. Last year’s Jackpot payouts were over $145,000 USD. Don’t miss the biggest tournament in the East Cape.  For more information go to our Dorado Shoot Out page at , or contact Kit McNear at [email protected].  To make reservations for the Dorado Shootout, please call us at 877-777-8862.

2nd Annual Ladies Only Fishing Tournament – July 23rd – 27th (Palmas De Cortez). Last year’s all ladies tournament was one of the best tournaments of the year with 17 teams and more than 50 women participating. Teams came from the U.S. as well as Mexico to participate in this one of a kind tournament. This is a two-day fishing tournament with points accumulated by landing various species. For more information click here

Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez – July 30th – August 3rd _ (Palmas De Cortez) – Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez will be traveling to Los Barriles and staying at the Hotel Palmas De Cortez. Dan will be filming an episode for his hit TV series Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez while on location. If you would like to Join Dan Hernandez and take part in this great trip and maybe be part of a television program, contact [email protected] or call 562-865-3764

Fishers of Men West Coast – August 5th  – 9th (Playa Del Sol)  Fishers of Men West Coast is a non-profit, Christian based, non-denominational group of men dedicated to the idea of fathers, sons, brothers, and friends spending quality time together. Because of these shared experiences, the members desire to give back through charitable activity in the fishing communities that have given them so much.  To join Fishers of Men West Coast on their yearly trip, please email them at [email protected].

4nd Annual Van Wormer Resorts Wahoo Gold Cup – August 22nd  – (Palmas De Cortez & Playa Del Sol).  Hosted by Capt. Kit Mc Near, this tournament is the same format as the Dorado Shoot Out.  It is a one-day tournament.  Heaviest wahoo wins!  $500 per team entry fee.  There will be over 100,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.  The grand prize for the heaviest wahoo will be a 2020 Volkswagen Gol plus a Suzuki Outboard motor.  There will be optional jackpots available of $200, $300, $500, and $1,000.  More information will be available shortly.  Contact Kit McNear at [email protected].  To make reservations for the Wahoo Gold Cup, please call 877-777-8862.

Preston Benfield Group Trip – September 10th – 17th (Playa Del Sol)

Gary Bettis Group Trip – September 16th – 20th (Playa Del Sol) 

Doug Cannel Group – September 23rd – September 28th – (Palmas De Cortez)

Tim Hodge Group Trip – September 23rd – September 27th – (Palmas De Cortez)

Casting4Soles give away and Tournament – September 29th – October 4th – (Palmas De Cortez)-When the fishing industry and the Shoe community join forces over 15 years ago, who could have imagined what this event would ultimately become?  Each year, Fishers of Men West Coast comes to the small and humble town of Los Barriles to give back to a fishing community that has given anglers so much throughout the years.  Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers, each year the community receives over five thousand pairs of brand new shoes, clothing, eyeglasses and much more.  This is a tremendous help to the great people living in this region of Baja California Sur.  Come join us for some exciting fishing, fun in the sun with some great friends, and of course, take part in a life-changing experience.  You will return home knowing you did something great for those less fortunate.  If you would like to be a part of this extraordinary event, please contact Jack at [email protected].   Donations, sponsors and volunteers are needed each year to make this event possible.  Thank you for your support!  SHOE GIVE AWAY WILL BE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd FROM 7 AM-1 PM

26th Annual Let’s Talk Hookup Lou Duchene Memorial Palmas de Cortez Fall Spectacular– October 8th – October 12th (Palmas De Cortez).  Join Pete Gray (host of Let’s Talk Hookup XX1090AM on this exciting annual adventure during one of the best times for great weather and fantastic fishing on the East Cape.  This is a two-day fishing tournament.  For more information and/or reservations please call the Palmas de Cortez booking office at 877-777-8862 or email Pete Gray [email protected]

East Cape Classic by Lynn Rose Tours – October 14th – October 18th  – (Palmas De Cortez).  Welcome to the 31st  Annual East Cape Classic. Funds generated by this event go directly to help the children and families of Los Barriles.  Funds raised by this tournament have gone to help the East Cape community from individuals in need, school buses, learning centers, Casting 4 Soles shoes give away and much more.   For more information, contact Lynn Rose at 1-800-525-9527.  Also, ask about the La Paz Classic in June. .

Dark of the Moon Tournament by Fish With Me (Jerry Hall) –October 22nd  – 27th  (Playa Del Sol).  25 PLUS YEARS IN THE EAST CAPE. These groups, which are limited to 45 Anglers and Guests which are open to all, and are organized to draw both the inexperienced as well as the knowledgeable anglers.  Join Jerry Hall of Fish With Me during these dark of the moon dates.  For more information, contact Jerry Hall at [email protected]  and ask about the grand prize (a return trip to Playa Del Sol)

7th Annual Van Wormer Resorts Tuna Shootout – October 24th – (Palmas De Cortez & Playa Del Sol).  Hosted by Capt. Kit Mc Near, this tournament is the same format as the Dorado Shoot Out.  It is a one-day tournament.  Largest Tuna wins!  $500 per team entry fee.  There will be over 100,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.  The grand prize will be cash (amount to be determined by the number of entries).  There will be optional jackpots available of 300, $500, $1,000, and $2,000.  For more information go to our Tuna Shoot Out page on this site , or contact Kit McNear at [email protected].  To make reservations for the Tuna Shootout, please call 877-777-8862.

Salt Patrol Marlin Tournaments – October 29th  – November 3rd –  (Palmas De Cortez).  Join John Keizer and Paul Castillo in this fantastic tournament at Hotel Palmas De Cortez.  This will be a three day Marlin Tournament, with prizes for the biggest Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo.  This year’s tournament promises to be bigger and better than ever before.  The winning team will win a return trip in 2020.  For more information visit the Salt Patrol website at or email [email protected]

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