Support The Modern Fish Act Legislation

modern fish actEditor’s Note:  So often we want to help push the bills that are designed to help us, but never take the time or procrasinate until its tool late.  Thanks to the effort of the ASA, it has never been simpler to give your input which really does make a difference.”

 The squeakiest wheel really Does get the grease!

Dear ASA Member,

Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Natural Resources approved H.R. 200, a bill aimed at improving federal marine fisheries management. This is great news for the recreational fishing industry, because H.R. 200 includes the language from the Modern Fish Act.

The Modern Fish Act is a comprehensive package specifically aimed at addressing the needs of the nation’s 11 million saltwater recreational anglers. Originally a stand-alone piece of legislation, it was incorporated into H.R. 200 and now heads to the full House for a vote.

ASA actionSince its introduction in April, we have been educating the public about the Modern Fish Act through our advocacy arm, Keep America Fishing. Now we need your help to get this key legislation in the boat. Please take a moment to contact your Congressional representatives and ask that they support the Modern Fish Act.
Once you take action, please reach out to your customers, employees, suppliers, and anyone else who cares about fishing and ask them to contact their Members of Congress today to encourage them to pass this landmark legislation. Our Advocacy Toolkit includes graphics, links, and a sample letter to make this important issue easy to share.

Thank you in advance for your generous assistance on this important issue.

Warmest Regards,

Mike Leonard
Conservation Director

Mike Leonard
Mike Leonard is the Ocean Resource Policy Director at the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), based in Alexandria, Virginia. ASA is the sportfishing industry's trade association, providing the industry with a unified voice when emerging laws and policies could significantly affect sportfishing ...