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Nick Mosaquites on the Amigo

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Have you heard those Vegas prognosticator types on sports radio during football season?  They’re on a lot when I’m driving to get on a boat.  They tell you to call in to their hotline to receive a free betting recommendation.  It’s their 24K Gold Lock Of the Week.  It’s such a sure thing, you’ll be willing to pay to know all their picks.

I feel like one of those guys sometimes as I sit down to write.  People are always asking me where I’m fishing the upcoming weekend.  I’ve been on a pretty good roll this year calling my shots.  I said I loved last weekend for fishing seabass and it was pretty dang good.  Several boats had limits.  My buddy Nick Mosaquites was riding the Amigo out of Ventura Sportfishing last week.  He hit me up to get prepared.  I don’t know if what I told him made any difference.

Nick did well getting his limit…but so did everyone else on the boat!

Dana Wharf Rod & Reel Club enjoyedIt was so good, that the Intrepid, a long range boat out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego was up there too!  That’s Nick (top) aboard the Amigo with the Intrepid photobombing in the background.

The boats fishing our local islands found the seabass too.  The Dana Wharf Rod & Reel Club enjoyed their best ever seabass fishing in club charter history fishing aboard the Fortune! (right)

My first corbinaPersonally, I didn’t have time to do a longer trip, but I figured I could put in some productive surf fishing time.  I managed to get my first (I’m optimistic there will be more and bigger ones to come!) corbina of the year.  Got him at Bolsa Chica on a live sand crab.  Really lucked out.  One bite in about 3 hours and it just happened to be Mr. Bean.  Thanks buddy!

24K Gold Lock Of This Week?

So out with it already.  What’s the call?  My girlfriend asked me Thursday afternoon and I responded, “IDK.”  Lots of yellows got caught this week by the boats fishing both San Clemente and Catalina Islands (and even some smaller model ones at the Coronados).

I’m leaning that way myself for the weekend, but if you pressed me for a pick I’d say fish local!  A couple of my buddies have been fishing the afternoon halfies all week in San Diego and absolutely smashing the bass.  I don’t think the ones north of San Diego are quite in the same frenzied state yet that the San Diego ones are in now, but the bite has been good all up and down the coast.

yellowfin was caught on the Patriot out of Newport Landing I personally love bass fishing and there are yellows, seabass, and halibut sprinkled in.  Bonito and barracuda are strongly in play too.

And who knows, you might just luck into some tuna!  The bluefin are still being bluefin, but the first local yellowfin was caught this week on the Patriot out of Newport Landing (above).  Will it pop this weekend?  You never know unless you go, but with good summer 3B and Yellowtail (bass, barracuda and bonito) fishing squarely on the menu, who cares?

Good luck if you get out there!

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