Seaguar Senshi Monofilament: Strong with Little Stretch

Seaguar is well known in the fishing world for inventing and producing the premier fluorocarbon leader material available. The company decided to build upon its strong reputation and offer its customers a few more weapons to add to their quiver. The latest product introduced is a line of monofilament that Seaguar calls Senshi, which means “warrior” in Japanese. The name is fitting since this mono was engineered to do battle with big fish.

Senshi is a sensitive, thin-diameter line that easily detects structure, lure action and strikes to improve your catch ratio. Engineered in Japan, Senshi features all of the characteristics you’d expect out of a high-quality monofilament, namely flexibility, strength, low visibility and low stretch. This mono is also soft and supple, with excellent flexibility and castability. With all those features, Senshi offers anglers better knot and tensile strength for solid hook-sets.

“A lot of the feedback we were getting was that most of the mono lines out there have a good amount of stretch,” said Gerry Benedicto, the brand manager at Seaguar. “Our Senshi line does not have as much stretch as the others so it’s a great choice for fishing all points in the water column from bottom fishing to topwater.”

According to Benedicto, Senshi really shines when fishing top-water plugs for big bass and inshore saltwater species. Senshi does a great job of staying on the surface and has very little visibility to the fish. This helps you get a few more hits where other lines may not.

“We want to have different lines for different applications and I think a lot of folks will see the benefits of using Senshi when top-water fishing,” Benedicto says. “It also has great knot strength, very little memory and casts extremely well.”

Seaguar’s innovations produced a smaller diameter monofilament with less stretch, connecting the angler more closely to the lure or bait. This improves the angler’s feel, allowing him or her to detect structure, lure action and even the smallest bite, which all contribute to an improved catch ratio.

Senshi is now available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 15- and 20-pound test on 200 yard spools.


The Seaguar Knot

The Seaguar Knot is a quick-and-easy knot to connect two lines of similar diameter. Once you master this knot, you should be able to connect two lines in less than a minute. To get a strong knot, make sure to keep you line moist when working with it. Try the Seaguar Knot when tying your leader onto the Senshi Mono.

Step 1: To start, overlap the ends of two lines of about the same diameter for about eight inches. Then take the ends and form a loop.

Step 2: Twist the loop three completed turns.

Step 3: Pull the loose end of line through the loop.

Step 4: Hold the lines on either end of the knot…

Step 5: …and pull tight.

Step 6: Clip the tag ends, and your done.

For more information on Senshi, contact Seaguar at 212-867-7040 or visit

Seaguar Senshi Monofilament