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PENN SSV Spinning Reels for West-Coasters

PENN SSV Spinning Reels

Savvy west-coast anglers know that PENN Spinfisher SSV reels will help them catch a lot more fish. Ranging in size from the SSV3500 to the SSV10500, the Spinfisher SSV’s will cover everything from surfperch, to tuna and yellowtail.

PENN SSV Spinning ReelsAmong the favorites for west-coasters are the three models with the “Liveliner” feature, which gives live bait anglers perfect control in all situations. The SSV4500LL is perfect for local yellowtail, calico bass, and barracuda with anchovies. The SSV6500LL is ideal for offshore species like albacore and school-size tuna with live anchovies or live sardines. The SSV8500LL is perfect when bigger species like tuna or even NorCal sturgeon dictate increased line capacity.

One of the hottest new techniques this year is throwing poppers at yellowfin tuna and other pelagics.

The SSV7500 and SSV8500 let you cast directly into the wind, and have plenty of power even if a 75-plus pounder blows up on your popper.

Surfcasters will love the SSV3500 for corbina on local beaches, and the special longcast spool of the SSV7500LC gives the absolute maximum distance for East Cape roosterfish or NorCal stripers. The SSV9500 and SSV10500 offer massive line capacity for when the really big boys are around either inshore or offshore, including surfcasting for sharks.

PENN SSV Spinning Reels

Lightweight and powerful, the 13 different models feature ultra-smooth oversize HT-100 drags that have a max output of 20 to 40-pounds, superline spool, sealed drag, and watertight housing. Infinite anti-reverse on all models, with backup anti-reverse ratchet on 7500-10500 sizes.

Check out the entire SSV lineup in detail at Pennfishing.com.

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