PEI Video – A Demon for the Taking

If winning the Race to PEI and having a chance to tangle with a giant tuna wasn’t enough, imagine how Avo Oughourlian reacted when he was given a green light to hang one?

Would you be able to stomach the sound of heavy tackle crinkling and endure the punishment of a demon with a thousand reasons to foil your plan?

In a highly protected Canadian fishery where the commercial guys are allotted a single tag per year, will Avo settle into the harness, reach for sunset, and bag himself the ultimate trophy, or will high seas, crossed lines, and submerged obstacles be the recipe for a Canadian heartbreak?

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Michael Torbisco
Born in 1983 in Chicago, Illinois, Michael “Mikey” Torbisco currently resides in the Florida Keys and has been a full-time employee of Spanish Fly Enterprises since 2006. Working alongside legendary fisherman and television host Jose Wejebe, Mikey has been a crucial member of the team, responsib...