Offshore Is Over

I admit it.  Kind of a click bait sort of title, but let’s review the facts.  The boats that summer in San Diego have gone home for the winter.  Some boats are already in the yard or getting ready.  Traditional offshore fishing…burning a lot of gas looking for paddies, birds working, porpoise, signs of fish etc. is over unless you go long.  Water temps have dropped in our local waters.  And the all landings fish count for yesterday showed a whopping tally of 5 yellowfin tuna.  Offshore season is over.

So what’s with the dodo picture?

That’s my buddy and Seeker pro-staffer Allen Mattox (top) with a nice dorado he got on the fly aboard Searcher Sportfishing.  Allen caught it on the way back from Guadalupe Island on their annual 7 day Seeker/Accurate sponsored trip.  Lots of big yellowtail and yellowfin were caught on the trip.  Allen also got his new PB yellowtail (40-ish – below) on this trip.

Congrats to Allen and the rest of the anglers onboard.  October is a great time to go long range.  They typically get more variety on those trips (vs. straight cow hunting).

But what about us local anglers?

Don’t fret.  Don’t put away your gear for the year ( I never do).  The local fishing scene is changing, but there is still a lot of good fishing to be had.

All About The Islands

Lots of good yellowtail and bluefin fishing to be had around San Clemente.  As mentioned last week, this time of year is tricky with weather and the whims of the Navy, but the fish are there.

This week has been dominated by a very catchable grade of fish on the blues (20-60 lbs.) and nicer grade yellowtail (15-35), with some bigger fish still in the mix.  The Pacific Queen (left) had a nice day and half trip that returned Halloween morning with limits of bluefin, and 67 of those larger grade yellows.  Big fish weighed in at 110-pounds!

offshoreThe San Diego ended their offshore fishing in favor of returning to the Coronado Islands this week.  Much lighter loads, but the anglers that did go were rewarded with a nice hit yesterday of 24 yellows (15-23 lbs.), 5 Bluefin (18-30 lbs.) and limits of bonito for only 17 anglers.

Up north, the Island Tak had a nice hit yesterday with 25 yellows and 55 keeper calico bass for only 11.  They had 15 and 50 on Wednesday for only 10 anglers!

Most of the fishing now is going to be bottom focused.  In my mind, that isn’t a bad thing.  I’m really looking forward to taking the Veterans Day floater next Friday and heading north to San Francisco for a combo rockfishing and Dungeness crab trip.  Crab season opens on Sunday.  I’ve never gone before so I’ll take a lot of pics and share with you all.

Definitely good fishing to be had if you want to find it.

Good luck if you get out there.

Joe Sarmiento
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