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New Ocean LED Underwater Lights

What once was a “new fangled” gadget for yachts with unlimited checkbooks, is quickly becoming an industry standard with many emerging uses for boats of all sizes. Ocean LED has been on the cutting edge of this phenomenon since 2005 and because of their technological advances; the world of underwater lighting is accessible to many more boaters than before.

A huge part of this revolution has been the introduction and improvements of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology. The LED revolution has gone hand in hand with a boaters desire to balance more accessories with power consumption.

New Ocean LED Underwater Lights

Now Ocean LED is proud to bring its latest product to market, the Pro Series HD Gen2. This light combines many of the desirable features of past products and couples them with the latest innovations and materials to create a very versatile and durable underwater lighting option. The Pro Series HD Gen2 uses high-grade marine-resistant materials like AB2 aluminum bronze coated with their patented Tritonium coating, which allows for easy maintenance for sea growth. Ocean LED also includes their proprietary IP68 integrated precision optics, or collimators, to maximize the light’s power and direction. These new lights are also thermally protected by a smart and fault-sensing thermal fold-back. This means if the light were to begin to overheat, the power is scaled back or shut down to protect the longevity of the light components. Even better, some models of these incredibly powerful lights only require a one-inch hole for installation, which is minimal compared to lights of old.

New Ocean LED Underwater Lights

Now we often joke that it’s “not how you fish, but how you look fishing”

No one can deny the appeal or “cool factor” of underwater lighting while hanging at the dock with your friends. However, fishing function is also a big part of the industry and new uses for underwater lights are being discovered all the time. Professional fishermen and weekend anglers alike are finding benefits to having various colored lights when attracting bait to their boats and thus the predators that chase them. Other crews have reported using the strobe feature during the day to catch the eye of distant predators that may have otherwise not seen the baits.

The Pro Series HD Gen2 comes in various colors or you can get the latest “Colours” technology, which features unlimited color change options. These transitions can also be driven by preset patterns or better yet, change to the beat of the boat’s stereo system, for the ultimate “pimp my ride” experience.

Either way you choose to use the Ocean LED Pro Series HD Gen2, form or function, you now get both in these affordable, energy-efficient, and easy to install underwater lights.

Ocead LED offers many other models of LED lighting for boats and docks too, so check out their website for more info or visit them at their booth in the upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.

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