Long Range Reports March 19

Long Range Reports March 19

They’re Back

Kevin Osborne from the Intrepid posted the winners from his latest trip:

“The Catchy Tackle 18-day Limited Load trip returned March 17 with great results. Here are the jackpot winners:

  • Bruce Watters – 218-pound yellowfin tuna
  • Rick Cha – 208.5
  • Bad Bud Ruschhaupt 183.6

Honorable mention goes to Tony Oconnell for his 68-pound whopper wahoo.

Thanks guys and gals and we will see you next time.”

Long Range Reports March 19


Skipper Andy Cates of the Red Rooster III noted March 17:

Nali picked off a nice fish about 220-pounds. Very poor but we still see a little sign. Hopefully this afternoon it picks up. Same exact conditions today; they’re just not biting. Only 7 fish this morning. Very little sign of the better-sized fish, and a lot of small fish and sharks. What happened? Frank picked off this 190-pounder this morning.

Long Range Reports March 19

At The Rocks

Royal Polaris posted a report for March 17:

“Hello everyone, our weather continues to be gorgeous, with flat seas, clear skies, sunny, and warm. We arrived to Alijos at 09:30 hours, started trolling. It didn’t take long for us to get our first bite on the troll. “We got a handful of wahoo before we started up again. We saw wahoo in the water while trolling, but they were not biting. We would give the rocks a good hour before heading out to the bank (Alijos Bank). We did catch a couple of yellowtail during our wahoo bite.” “Once we arrived to the outer bank, the water was a deep blue color, lots of bait, and only one bite, It was clear that the wahoo just didn’t want to bite today. So Jonathan made the decision to make the 489-mile move to Hurricane bank.”

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