Long Range Reports June 20

Spots Of Yellowtail

Intrepid skipper Kevin Osborne posted for June 19: “We had a fun morning again today on the Yellows running from spot to spot as the fish were racing around chasing down baits. There were times when we had the Yellows blowing up all around the rig, creating great excitement. The surface plug guys got their share today and so did the seals, but that’s fishing. Just after lunch we loaded up on bait, so we are sitting fat as far as the bait situation goes and are headed offshore for our last day. Charter Master Jerry Guzman shows off a surface Iron (Olive Oil) that caught a 30-pound class Yellow in one of today’s shots.”

Tankers Still Around

John Bakos, who chartermasters WestCoastFishing.com trips aboard the Intrepid, went skiff fishing with outdoor writer and The Bight editor Brandon Hayward a couple of days ago. He was accompanied by Chad Smith, Intrepid deckhand, who helped Bill Roecker land The Fish From Heck a year ago.

The bluefin is featured in this year’s Sportfishing Calendar and the most recent (June) issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing. The pair got a brace of big white seabass. Bakos is seen here with his tanker at dawn. The poor light didn’t help the shot, but you can see how big these whites are running. To contact Hayward, call him at (949) 212-0719 or go to his site OneManCharters.com.

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