Long Range Reports February 2

Long Range Reports February 2 – Caught A Break

American Angler reported for February 1: “We finally got our break today as we got to stay in one place and pick away all day. It started out with a lot of worry because unlike last trip and the beginning of this trip we drove around in the predawn hours and saw no fish. Plans A, B and C were pouring through our minds until our first fish, which was a 101-pounder and our next one caught by Doc Metcalf which weighed 256-pounds made us stay put for a while. We scratched wahoo and small tuna with shots at bigger fish throughout the day. Jake Waardenburg caught a 305-pound beauty followed a few hours later when Ben Frasier tested his Avet Reels on a 315-pound fish and won. It is truly a special day when a 300-pound fish is landed but not many have seen two in one day.”

Couple of Cows

Red Rooster III skipper Andy Cates posted February 1 from southern waters: “We had a nice day here finishing the day with a couple of fish up in the 200-pound class and 28 other fish from 80 to 180-pounds. It was really a nice afternoon of fishing. “We are trying for bait tonight and starting again tomorrow.”

Afternoon Delight

Dharyl Shelbourne posted for the Royal Polaris February 1: “After a great morning fishing for bottom fish, Royal P went for some more yellowfin tuna! We did catch a couple wahoo but the excitement for these fantastic tuna reigns supreme! Awesome day!

Great Job–Tom Hurst bagging $100 JB bucks for his 205-pounder! Jim Estes also captured 100 Jerry dollars for the first YFT over one hundred pounds today! Jim says Hi, Momma Dogs!

Jim Springer got a sweet jacket for the second-biggest tuna today of 202-pounds.”

Long Range Reports February 2

Decent Day

Royal Star skipper Randy Toussaint wrote for January 31: “Never hot and heavy but we pieced together a decent day boating 20 yellowfin tuna and a few wahoo. The bulk of the tuna we kept were 70 to 120-pounds, with the exception of a 212-pounder landed by Greg Mix and a 270 taken by Mike Nagao. With good sign of fish around and fine weather in the forecast we are settled in for the duration.

Long Range Reports February 2

Landmark Trip for Kids

On Saturday, January 31, 40 kids had a free fishing trip aboard the Dolphin. There were chaperones and instructors to assist them on their exciting journey. The trip marked a milestone for Friends of Rollo, the organization begun by boat and landing owner Frank LoPreste back in 1999. Rollo Heyn, Frank’s skipper who was much loved by those he met, died in an accident of incredible tragedy. LoPreste turned the dismal event into an organization dedicated to doing what Rollo loved best, taking kids whom might be financially disadvantaged fishing for free on sportboats.

Saturday’s trip marked the occasion of nearly 100,000 kids who got to go fishing under the program.

The program benefits both children and sport fishing in general, with the creation of new fishermen.

Proof that kids can fish, the shot seen here is of a group of youngsters who fished aboard LoPreste’s Royal Polaris some years ago.

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