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The Zonker Streamer

The Zonker Streamer

Capt. Rick Worman has spent a lifetime chasing Florida’s famous inshore saltwater gamefish. He enjoys taking his clients to share these experiences via his Flatline Guide Services. Often they tempt the most wary predators with his creations from the fly tying vise.

Capt. Rick has teamed up with Harry Goode’s a premeire outdoor shop and outfitter in Melbourne, Florida. They offer supplies and seminars to fly tiers of all experience levels as well as plenty of other tackle options.

This is the second of a series of patterns that will be demonstrated by Capt. Rick:


This is a real easy pattern to tie that is highly effective on multiple species.

The pattern can be tied in any color combination desired. I use this fly for sight fishing tarpon, redfish and sea trout.


  • Hook- Gamakatsu SC15 size 1
  • Thread- Black flat waxed nylon
  • Eyes- Small black lead eyes
  • Tail- Black rabbit zonker
  • Body- Purple Estaz
  • Weed Guard- 30# Fluorocarbon

Zonker Streamer

Step 1– Secure the hook in the vise and start the thread wraps just behind the hook eye advancing the thread forward a third of the hook shank.

Zonker Streamer

Step 2– Tie in the eyes and secure with figure eight wraps. Use a touch of head cement (super glue, Zap-A-Gap, etc.) to ensure a strong hold.

Step 3– Wrap the thread back to the beginning of the hook bend and tie in the zonker strip.

Zonker Streamer

Step 4– Tie in the Estaz, advance the thread forward to the lead eyes, palmer the Estaz forward to the lead eyes and tie off the Estaz.

Step 5– Tying in a weed guard is optional. I prefer a single piece of 30# Fluorocarbon.

Zonker Streamer

Step 6– Whip finish and cement the thread wraps.

Zonker Streamer

For Central Florida residents, this fly and all materials can be purchased at Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop located at 1231 East New Haven Ave., Melbourne, Fl. Harry Goode’s is Brevard County’s premier outdoor outfitter.

To book your inshore adventure on the Indian River Lagoon contact Capt. Rick Worman at 321-525-3893 or [email protected].

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