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Permanent Tackle Tray Dividers

Tackle Trays Dividers – Tackle Trays Organizer 

Organizing your tackle is key to being ready for all situations. The advent of plastic tackle trays has made it possible to keep different sizes of hooks or weights separated and organized. Once you figure out the layout of the different removable dividers, you can load up your tray and then label the tray so you know exactly where each type of hook or size is located. This makes it much faster to change out your gear.

Unfortunately, the little plastic dividers that slide into the grooves to make the various compartments like to slide out and leave you with a big mess.

Nothing is worse than having the divider lift up which allows all of the tackle to slide together.

Super frustrating — but there’s a quick way to make those dividers a permanent piece of your tackle organizer.

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Secure the plastic with a dab of silicone on the divider and its slot. Push the divider in place and let the silicone dry. You won’t have to worry about shifting dividers any more.

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I’ve tried Superglue and the fumes it puts off fog the plastic box and it’s not the way to go. Clear silicone works best.

Once I’m happy with the placement of the assorted sizes and options, then I label the spots with a permanent marker.

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