Six Quick Thresher Tips

C52912_R_alithresher.jpgThresher sharks prowl nearshore waters as they migrate up and down the coast. Using their distinctive, long, whip-like tail, they stun small baitfish to make them an easy meal. They range in size from 30-pounds to as much as 500-pounds.

Threshers make an excellent gamefish with their hard pulling fight and explosive jumps.

1. Where to look – Thresher sharks tend to run in coastal waters from 50 to 600 feet deep.

2. What to look for – Schools of smaller baitfish such as anchovy and sardine are their favorite prey. Find the bait = find the T-shark.

3. Gear Up – 30W or larger big game reel with 80# braid and 100# test leader.

4. Select the right bait – A slow trolled mackerel on a 10-foot wire leader or Bait O’ Matic style lure works best.

5. Be Safe! – That long tail is dangerous! When boat-side have one mate control the tail by taking it under their arm while others stay clear.

6. Think Conservation – While these sharks are not endangered, please consider releasing them as they are slow growing.


Check out this video of thresher sharks using their long tails to stun their prey. Awesome video.

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