Rigging Squid Tip For Daytime Swordfish

Fly Navarro joins Capt. Paco Vela for a great demo video on rigging squid for daytime swordfish bait.

rigging squidThe squid is universally eaten by swordfish around the world and make a very tempting and available bait for swordfishing.  Deep dropping for swordfish in the daytime has become a huge fishery and the variety of rigged bait is diverse as well, but the rigged squid is “tried and true” for many swordfish anglers.

rigging squid

A deep dropped squid will “match the hatch” for hungry swords!

swordfish longline
Photo Credit: Local Knowledge

Rigging a squid may seem difficult, but not once you learn how.  It’s actually pretty simple and just has a few proven steps to put your squid on the menu for a hungry swordfish.

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