Proper Care & Treatment Of Casting Reels

Anybody that’s fished poppers, hardbait or surface iron for bluefin the last few years has probably pushed their casting reel’s limits farther than they ever have before. While today’s casting reels, like my favorite, the Penn Fathom 25N, are up to the task of landing a 100-pound class fish, the longer battles that go along with the result in angler fatigue and that leads to a fish fighting style that can damage your reel.

casting reels

If you have been pulling against your reel handle when fighting fish, replacing your reel’s one-way roller bearing is an easy and inexpensive fix that can be done when performing your normal yearly service.

casting reels

If you aren’t currently servicing your own reels, I recommend checking out this article to see just how quick and easy it actually is.

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