Promar Ambush Hoop Nets with Capt. Dave Hansen

In this episode of The Rigging House, Capt. Dave Hansen goes of the Promar Ambush line of hoop nets. He explains the different styles and intended uses.

The Ambush © Hoop Net is optimized for lobster and crab. The steep angles offer more volume and even more wiggle room, for the taller stature of larger crustacean such as lobsters. The stealthy blue-ocean vinyl coating protects the diameter rigid steel frame and top ring from the elements and almost disappears in the water blending in with its underwater environment. The Promar Ambush sits approximately 7” off the bottom supported by 6 fixed welded posts. This net comes complete with a patented built in bait pouch and weighted steel ring, a heavy duty harness, and quality bridle float.

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