Offshore Fishing Strategies For Private Boaters

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to get up to the minute fishing information. Between social media, our forums and AIS, it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on what boats are catching and where they are fishing. If you’re a Fishdope member you have the added advantage of having a one-stop-shop for water temperatures, chlorophyll charts, locations of recent bites and the details of what the fishing was like that day. While you’d think that knowing; where, when, how and what the fish bit the day before would make it very easy to go out there and find them the next day, having all of that information can hurt you as well.

Fishing Strategies

The biggest drawback of the information age is that it’s made many private boaters lazy. The thought process is usually something along the lines of, “Why should I spend time driving around looking for fish when I know exactly where they bit yesterday?” While that might work great when the fish decide to bite two days in a row, it will also usually lead to sharing water with the other lazy, and often discourteous, fishermen who have zero issues with being the twentieth boat in the gang bang.

While gang bangs aren’t any fun, what’s even less enjoyable is arriving at the site of yesterday’s hot bite to find that the fish are gone and you have no idea where to go or what to do to find them.

Fishing Strategies

For a lot of guys, this feeling of being completely out in left field, often causes them to stop looking for fish and start looking for other boats that may have already found fish. Whether you’re the guy getting chased around by boats or the boat chasing around the other guy, you know that this desperation fishing is absolute nonsense. The good news is that with a little bit of homework and a willingness to drive around a little you can stop chasing yesterday’s bite and get out there and start a bite of your own. While this video focuses on Catalina Island, the thought process behind it applies to anywhere you fish offshore.

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