Labeling Your Fish Fillets

Offshore Academy Skin Labels

Normally we catch a variety of different fish after a good day of fishing offshore. It’s nice to bag the fillets separately after you fillet them up so that you can savor the different flavors and textures. Usually we don’t have a permanent marker to label the plastic storage bags of fish at the cleaning table, or the bag is wet and won’t mark.

So I came up with a simple labeling system that will help you keep up with what species of fish is in each bag until you get home to do your final bagging and labeling before you freeze your catch.

offshore academy skin labels

Take a small piece of the skin from the fillet and toss it in the bag with the skin showing through the plastic. Now you know exactly what’s in the bag when you get home.

offshore academy skin labels

Capt. Scott Goodwin
Capt. Scott Goodwin started fishing in the lakes of Kentucky where he grew up. A move to Florida, however, brought him into a whole new realm of fishing. After receiving a bachelor's degree in biology from Eckerd College, he decided that he liked catching fish more than studying them and thus began ...