How-to Splice Hollow to Hollow Braided Line

Fishing can be overwhelming at times – there’s a lot to it. Just walking into a tackle shop can at times be overwhelming. It really takes a lifetime, some insider knowledge, and familiarity to understand all aspects and applications. Braid is one of those items that can be overlooked and taken at face value of what strength of line you’re putting on your reel but there’s more to it. Braid comes in two kinds of construction: hollow and solid. There are countless forum conversation and threads that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.  

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For the sake of this content piece, BD Outdoors pro-contributor Mike Murciano is going to explain hollow-core braid and why it should be a go part of your arsenal especially when targeting large gamefish on larger reels with large line capacity. 

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As anglers we are always trying to improve ourselves and this one is a game changer for most in their fishing experience as well as their bank account.  Let us know what you think about this application. 

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