How To Cast Iron – Pro Fishing Tips

fishing tips

Capt. Benny Florentino offers up some professional advice to SoCal anglers on how to cast the iron further.  He also breaks down his preferred tackle set up for catching yellowtail, calico bass and smaller tuna.

“Let the rod do all the work by letting it load up and then sling the iron a great distance for better lure presentation,” says Capt. Benny.  “The further you can cast to the fish, the better the bite will be for you.  Another crucial part of getting bites is using AFTCO’s Saiko fluorocarbon leader. I like using about 18-inches of 50# Saiko for general iron fishing.”

Capt. Ben Florentino of Coastal Charters is a Coast Guard Licensed Captain with over 25+ years of saltwater angling experience.  Ben is an experienced waterman, and an avid saltwater bass tournament angler fishing the SWBA & SBS series.  Over the past 10+ years, Ben has accomplished multiple tournaments wins, top 10 finishes, big bass awards, and an AOY title.

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