Hooking Live Bait Tips From Capt. Rush Of Local Knowledge

Capt. Rush Maltz, Co-host of Local Knowledge and career charter captain in Key West, Florida, offers up these great video fishing tips about a variety of methods to hook a live bait.

Depending on what type of fishing you are doing, you might try a variety of ways to hook your bait.

“If you are dropping a bait for bottom fishing, you can hook a bait several different ways,” says Capt. Rush Maltz.  “I like to hook a bait through the lips so that it doesn’t tangle your leader on the way down, but sometimes I will hook it around the pectoral fin underneath to make it have a crazy, erratic action on the bottom.”

“I also have specific ways to place the hook if I’m pitching a bait to free line it or if I’m dangling it from the kite.  Each method has several options and I hope this helps you get more bites if you try it.”

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