Hook Size To Match Your Bait? – How To Choose A Hook

Hook Size

Capt. Dave Hansen has a lifetime of experience in fishing and often times the little tricks and tips gleaned from that experience can help you get the bite when the fish are being picky.

Capt Dave is sharing some of his thoughts on choosing the best hook for a given fishing situation and bait presentation.

Hook Size

“You need to match the hook to the size and type of bait you have available,” said Capt. Dave.  “You can’t put a big hook in a tiny bait and expect it to swim naturally or the tackle not be seen by wary predator like tuna.  Using the right hook to present a bait is key to getting bit.”

Hook Size

In the video, he also talks about using live squid for bait and describes some tried and true ways to use the right amount of weight to let your squid flutter down slowly and not be pinned to the bottom.  “This one fact can make the difference between catching bat rays and sharks or the white seabass,” said Capt. Dave.

Hook Options Depending on the Bait

  • Mackerel = 8/0 circle hooks or long shank 7/0 hook depending on angler’s experience
  • Sardines = 4/0 thin wire short shank live bait hook
  • Anchovies = #4 thin wire live bait hook
  • Squid = 6/0 jighead or 4/0 live bait hook and sliding sinker adjusted to current

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