Gill and Gutting Bluefin Tuna – Care for Your Catch on the Water

Who doesn’t love catching fish? As fishermen, we spend countless hours on the water each season in pursuit of the trophy catch. With all the time and money invested in this passion we all share, it is imperative that we respect and care for the resources we harvest from the ocean. Equally important as fighting and landing a tuna is caring for it once it has come over the rail and into the boat. Quickly dispatching, bleeding, gill and gutting, and icing down your Bluefin Tuna (or any fish, for that matter) is essential in bringing home the highest quality seafood possible. With all the effort we put into catching these fish, why not be sure to take a little extra time to care for your catch on the water?

*Warning: This video contains bloody fish – If you love your poke, sushi, and sashimi, but don’t like seeing what it looks like before you eat it, viewer discretion is advised*

In this video, BD Outdoors contributor Ricky Fischel demonstrates how to gill and gut a mid-grade Bluefin Tuna. Gill and gutting is just one step in the process of properly caring for a freshly caught fish. However, it is extremely important as gill and gutting removes the warm internal organs, allows the fish to cool much more quickly once on ice, and reduces bacteria contact with the meat. To dress this Bluefin Tuna, he uses the 6-inch Sani-Safe Butcher Knife from Dexter Outdoors, an extremely popular and effective knife for this application. This knife is the perfect option for gill and gutting tuna anywhere from 20 pounds to 200+ pounds. The blade is ultra-sharp, and the knife is outfitted with Dexter’s Sani-Safe handle, allowing the user total control, which is extremely important when working with limited space. This butcher knife is available in 6″, 8″, and 10″ lengths and is made in the USA.

dexter outdoors 6-inch sani-safe butcher knife

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