Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna Plug 3X – 3 Reasons To Go Single

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna PlugGamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna Plug 3X hooks are a great choice for changing out the treble hooks that often come standard on larger offshore lures like this Yo-Zuri Vibe.  The 3x strength of the Magic Eye Tuna Plug hook is made to withstand the rigors of offshore fishing and the punishment modern tackle can dish out.

Why Change To Single Inline Hooks?

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna PlugThere are several benefits to changing out trebles for inline single hooks.

The benefits are realized by both the angler and the fish.

  1. Inline single hooks, when rigged in opposing directions are often credited with a better hook-up percentage than trebles despite the visual difference of more points.  The wider gap allowed by a single hook takes a bigger bite in the fish and is less likely to pull the hook during the fight.
  2. Inline single hooks do less damage to the fish when a healthy release is in order.  Trebles are more likely to snag and maim the fish in the eyes or gills than single hooks.  Often more than one point of the treble gets embedded, requiring more time out of the water while working the hooks out.
  3. Not to be overlooked, the safety factor for the crew is paramount too.  Treble hooks thrashing about are much more dangerous to anglers and mates as they work to unhook a fish.  Of course a single hook will stick you too, so always be cautious.  Especially with the incredibly sharp Gamakatsu inline singles.

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna PlugBeing sharp right out of the package is important, but Gamakatsu has improved the inline single hook a step further.  Big heavy-duty hooks have a relatively thick eye and can be a real chore at spreading the split ring wide enough to get the eye started.

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna Plug The Magic Eye Tuna Plug hook has a beveled spot created in the eye of the hook which makes it much easier to start the hook into the split rings on the lure.  It also keeps the split ring from stretching beyond the point of deformity.

The Magic Eye makes hook replacement a breeze.

Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna PlugThe Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna Plug hooks come in sizes from 3/0 to 7/0 in a nickle finish that resist corrosion and is incredibly sharp and durable thanks to Gamakatsu’s proprietary sharpening process which creates a perfectly conical point.

Give them a shot on your next offshore trip and see what benefits you can reap.

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