Bucket Livewell System

The Frabill Econo-Aerator pumps new life and fresh air into any minnow bucket or baitwell, running up to 40 hours on two batteries. You can even run it off of one battery if need be. The aerator clips to any bucket and comes with a flexible rubber air hose. The aerator features a watertight on-off switch so you won’t get water inside the pump. The best part of the Econo-Aerator is that it only costs $10, but it can save you plenty of dollars by keeping those baits kicking all day, and it will increase your success on the water, as it keeps your minnows fresh, healthy and happy.

“Whether you’re using shiners, sardines or goggle-eyes, one thing is certain — live bait is not cheap.”

And if you fish from shore, or a small johnboat, canoe or kayak, you might not have a livewell to keep those expensive baits alive and kicking. Well, thanks to the Econo-Aerator from Frabill, you can now turn any bucket into a livewell with just two D-cell batteries. Installing a baitwell requires a certain degree of knowledge and you usually need to drill some through-hull holes to access the water source. It’s a heck of a lot easier to grab a bucket and clip on the Econo-Aerator, especially when fishing for freshwater species or inshore.

For more info, visit Frabill’s website at frabill.com.

Livewell System