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5 Great Fishing Tools From Cuda

fishing tools

Five Great Fishing Tools

Each specific fishery around the world requires its own specific rigging and the tools required to do it.  Cuda Brand tools are made just for fishermen and the harsh elements where they ply their trade.  Each tool shares Cuda’s technologies including the signature blue scale-patterned grip which offers slip free handles, even when your hands are wet. Cuda offers a wide variety of tools and accessories for avid anglers at a very affordable price point.

Here are 5 that I find handy!

 Titanium Bonded Crimper

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Cuda’s 11-inch Titanium Bonded Crimpers are perfect for prepping rigs at home or making connections in the cockpit.

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The crimping jaws accept any type of crimp from .01 to 2.2 mm. This covers most weights up to about 400-pound mono.

fishing tools

The 11-inch crimper also features integrated titanium wire cutters on both sides.  I use one for wire and the other for mono.

2  7″ Ring Splitter pliers

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Another tool is the 7″ Ring Splitter pliers.  Similar to needle nose pliers but the tip has a titanium ring splitter that is used to open up split rings when changing out hooks on lures.  They also feature side cutters for line and wire.

3  8.5-inch Dehooker

dehook tool

The 8.5-inch Titanium Bonded Dehooker from Cuda is imperative to the survival of deeply hooked fish.  I can reach down inside the mouth of a fish and grab the hook shank and push downward to dislodge the hook and ease it out.  It will reach places that pliers can’t.  They also have an 18-inch dehooker for toothier critters.

4  Knife and Shear Sharpener


cuda knife

The Cuda Brand Knife and Shear Sharpener is a cool way to put a quick edge back on knives or scissors.  One slick feature is that with the twist of you hand you can suction the base to any clean, slick surface so that you can sharpen one-handed which feels much safer.


cuda tools - Five Great Fishing Tools

You can sharpen scissors in a separate spot on this functional sharpener.

5  Cuda Knives

cuda knife - Five Great Fishing Tools

Cuda Knives come in a wide variety of styles for all types of cutting, but they all share Cuda’s great blue grip and full-tang construction.  The Titanium Bonded German 4116 corrosion resistant stainless steel blade holds an edge and resists corrosion. Watch for the upcoming Professional Grade Knives coming soon from Cuda.

These are just a few of the many great tools that Cuda Brand offers anglers both online and is a store near you.

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