Fishing boat in Mexico

Getting Permits To Fish Mexico – An Angler’s Guide To Baja

Fishing boat in Mexico - getting permits fish mexicoWant to fish in Baja but not sure what paperwork you need to be legal? It is easy to understand why many boat owners and anglers alike are intimidated about traveling in Baja. Not only can there be the language barrier (Spanish), many of the forms have strange-sounding acronyms, like FMM and TIP. Fortunately, the internet has made the entire process of getting permits to fish in Mexico much simpler. You can now even get your Mexican fishing license online.

Here is a list of permits and paperwork you may need, and links to get them:

  1. FMM and names Forma Migratoria Múltiple – the Mexican Tourist Permit.  CLICK HERE for full details on FMM documents.
  2. Mexican fishing licenses, CLICK HERE for Fishing License 
  3. Nautical Sportfishing Tourist FMM for those traveling by boat.  CLICK HERE for full details.
  4. Conservation Passport (or Biosphere bracelet). Mexico now requires anglers fishing specific Biospheres such as the Coronado Islands to purchase biosphere bracelets or a Conservation Passport valid. They can be purchased for one year for $20.00 CLICK HERE.
  5. Bracelets valid for a single day are available at Fisherman’s Landing in Point Loma for $5.00
  6. TIP, the temporary Boat Importation Permit. CLICK HERE for full details.
  7. Mexican Insurance for Autos and/or Boats that enter Baja. CLICK HERE for full details.
  8. Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit if you will be taking a vehicle into mainland Mexico. CLICK HERE for full details.
  9. If you need to cancel a Temporary Importation Permit, CLICK HERE.

Important Requirements & Tips For Fishing In Mexico

All U.S. and Canadian citizens crossing into Mexico are required to have a passport and driver’s license/ID card along with an FMM Tourist Permit, regardless of the duration or destination of the stay in Baja.

Make copies of all important documents (passport, driver’s license, Mexican auto insurance, credit cards and tourist card). Give one copy to a friend or family member staying at home and take one copy with you. If possible, scan the documents and email to yourself so that you have access to them online.

Call your U.S. cell phone provider, if necessary, to activate Mexican roaming and determine what packages are available when traveling in Mexico.

Notify your bank that you will be traveling in Mexico and may use your bank cards during the trip. Also determine locations of sister banks in Baja, if available, to withdraw money from an ATM without a fee.

Purchase road map and/or Baja Guide book.

Inform family and friends of your travel plans.

If you will be fishing from a boat, you will need a Fishing License

If you have a boat over 15-feet in length that you are taking to Baja, you will need a Temporary Boat Importation Permit