How much do you really know about your rods, how they’re built, and their components?  Like most of us probably not so much, but as one of the crucial elements in fishing, there’s more there than we probably realize.  The intricacies in a rod can make or break your fishing experience, literally.  The good folks at American Tackle Co. have begun to put together a long overdue series of videos that dive into these details. 

Check them out they are well put together, highly informative, and will make sure your next purchasing decision is based on performance rather than making sure your rod matches your outfit. 

Episode 1- In the first episode of “This is Rod Building,” Gary Benney gets to work on rebuilding a saltwater rod. He shows how to rebuild a Saltwater foregrip using different techniques. He goes through the entire foregrip rebuild from picking the Eva handle, trimming it down to size, reshaping, glue-up, and finishing. 

Make sure you subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel so you don’t miss any future episodes: AMERICAN TACKLE CO.

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