SoCal Rockfish Tips – What Gear & Tackle To Use

Ali Hussainy, Co-Host of Local Knowledge fishing show, shares his tips on rock fishing off the coast of southern California. He talks about what rods, reels, hooks, line, and other terminal gear he would use when fishing for rockfish.

These fishing techniques can be used from both private boats or sport boats to help you catch more rock fish.

Recommended Gear

  • Rod and Reels: Hooks : Mustad Demon Perfect 1 x Wide gap size 7/0
  • Berkely Gulp : Chartreuse 6″ grub
  • Swivel: Mustad size 5/200 ball bearing swivel
  • Line: Berkley 60# fluorocarbon leader line
  • Rig : Dropper loop or a gangion rig size weights: 16 oz weights ideally , however weight changes with current, wind, depth.

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