How To Find Tuna Away From The Fleet

With bluefin tuna biting close to home, it’s almost impossible to not find a fleet sitting in the area that the fish are biting. While most boaters are content to just pull up and join the ever growing mass of boats, those same boaters are the ones who usually go home skunked and frustrated.

bluefin tuna fishing tips

If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, this video will give you some ideas about how to get away from the fleet and onto your own fish.

Erik Landesfeind

The keys to success are identifying what’s happening where the fleet is fishing then figuring out why the fish are biting in that zone. The things to consider are water color and temperature, topography and forage. Once you understand those variables, you can make some educated guesses that will enable you to drive away from the fleet with the confidence that you can find your own fish.

bluefin tuna fishing tips

Your chart is your biggest asset when fishing offshore so it pays to give it a good look before heading out. If you’re planning to fish in a specific area you should familiarize yourself with the topography in that area so that you can not only look for fish in high percentage areas but know where else to go if you find the fleet in your intended fishing zone.

Erik Landesfeind is BD's Southern California Editor and has over 30 years of experience saltwater fishing for a range of species in both California and Mexican waters. Erik is also an active freelance writer and the author of the weekly column So Cal Scene, which BD publishes every Friday. In So Cal...