How To Clean Black Cod Or SableFish

Tommy Gomes, the fishmonger, joins us in this great how-to video to demonstrate how he likes to clean a sablefish, AKA black cod.  The sablefish is a very delicate-bodied fish that is caught in the deep from Alaska to Baja.

Sablefish are highly prized for their fine eating qualities and Tommy teaches us how to utilize all of the usable parts of the fish.  Beyond the fillets, the skin and the collar of the fish can also be used to enhance the sablefish experience.

“I like to use a thin-bladed, flexible fillet knife when cleaning these softer fish.  It helps maximize my ability to follow the bones and feel what’s happening when I clean these fish,” said Tommy.  “I want you to try the skin and the collars too, it is such a decadent part of the fish and is a worldwide favorite.”

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