Fishing Applications: Preparing for a Successful Day on the Water

In the days leading up to your fishing trip, there are no shortage of tasks that need to be completed to ensure you have an epic day on the water. Aside from the preparation of tackle and verifying that the boat is ready to go, one of the most important tasks is developing a gameplan and checking ocean conditions. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just getting into saltwater fishing, there are many applications and tools to aid in preparing for a successful fishing trip. From weather apps to boating apps, and even fishing reports, today’s anglers have an advantage by being able to access this information at their fingertips. In this article, we will highlight some of the best and most popular applications utilized by fishermen.  

Successful day bluefin fishing


The most crucial step in preparing for a fishing trip is checking the marine forecast before you head out on the open ocean. A must have application on your phone for examining weather conditions is Windy. Windy is a great tool for visualizing the marine forecast with its various different weather maps such as wind direction and speed, rain, temperature, pressure, swell and many others. Even with all the information and different live weather maps that Windy provides, it is a very user-friendly app and makes checking the marine forecast a breeze (pun intended).  

windy app to plan a successful trip

Left to Right: Wind Map, Swell Map, Temperature Map – Images courtesy of Windy App 


Up-to-date fishing reports are very valuable to California anglers and without having a code group, it can make it difficult to know what is going on in the So Cal Bight. Fortunately, FishDope solves the problem by providing access to accurate and current fishing reports covering Santa Barbara, Channel Islands, Catalina Island, San Clemente Island, Los Angeles, Dana Point, Oceanside, San Diego, Coronado Islands, Ensenada, San Quintin, inshore, offshore, and everywhere in between. The app also offers SST (sea surface temperature) charts, cloud free SST charts, hot bite report map, chlorophyll concentration charts, and live VHF archives. A spotter plane is also utilized during the offshore season to locate fish schools and kelp paddies and GPS coordinates of these locations are passed onto FishDope members. With so many necessary tools all incorporated into one app, FishDope is an essential one to add to your arsenal of fishing applications.  

Fishdope screenshots to have a successful fishing trip

Left to Right: FishDope Home Page, Cloud Free SST Chart So Cal – Images courtesy of FishDope App 

BD Outdoors Fishing Reports

Another great tool for anglers to get an idea of what is happening in the local fishing scene resides right here on BD Outdoors fishing reports. BD Outdoors contains regularly updated fishing reports from all around the world as well as in-depth So Cal Bight video fishing reports. Also located on the site’s forums includes reports from members in various areas such as California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, and many other locations. The forums section is a great way for saltwater fishermen to connect with one another and share fishing knowledge. Utilizing the fishing reports tools on BD Outdoors is an exceptional way for anglers to receive accurate and up-to-date information in order to prepare for the upcoming fishing trip.   


Navionics is a necessary app for fishermen and boaters alike. The app contains the latest and very detailed nautical charts which help in determining which fishing spots to target. One of the great features Navionics offers is being able to access the app offline while out on the water, all while giving you an accurate location on where your vessel is positioned. The app contains Nautical, Sonar and US Government Charts as well as various different overlays that can be applied. One of my personal favorite overlays is the relief shading which helps me locate GPS coordinates of bottom structure. Having the ability to gather various spots to target makes this app a must have for anglers.  

Navionics depth map to plan a successful trip

Nautical Chart with Relief Shading – Image courtesy of Navionics App 

Whether you are trying to up your fishing game or make preparation for your future fishing trips trouble-free, these applications listed can help in making that happen. Being prepared and having a gameplan for the day formulates a successful and smooth day of fishing. Be sure to check out these applications listed to aid in preparation for your next fishing trip.     

Kevin White grew up in Southern California and became an avid angler fishing both freshwater and saltwater. His passion for fishing stems from a young age fishing for Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass in Upper Michigan with his father and grandfather. When he is not working as an engineer for one of...
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