East Cape Ballyhoo Rig

Rigging a ballyhoo as demonstrated by Julio of the Hotel Buena Vista Boat, Vagabundos.

Step 1: Select a large ballyhoo.

Step 2: Cut the belly from the anal vent to gills and remove the guts and airbladder.

Step 3: Determine the length of double line to set the hook back near the tail.(perfection end loop or crimp).

Step 4: Insert the hook and leader into the belly cavity, allowing the leader to exit through the mouth.

Step 5: Starting behind the gill-plate, begin sewing back to the anal vent with a needle and rigging floss.

Step 6: Continue sewing forward using the same holes, creating an X pattern. Tighten the threads as needed.

Step 7: Using a piece of rigging wire, secure the leader to the ballyhoo’s head, through the eye sockets (see discarded eyeball).

Julio shows the finished product. This rig virtually eliminates any short-strike issues.

Zane Hinrichs is an obsessed fisherman. He spends summers fishing the local San Diego offshore scene and pursuing big-game species in Baja and other tropical locals. His favorite summer-time species is Blue Marlin, what he calls the king of sportfish. During late fall, winter, and early spring he tu...