Rigging Dredge Teaser In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro and Tyler Beckford of Teasers bait company go step-by-step how to rig this super effective dredge mullet teaser for offshore trolling for sailfish, marlin, and more. The dredge creates the appearance of a school of bait fleeing from a predator. This gets billfish fired up, and they’ll key in on a single lure (with a hook!) trailing the bait school. You can use mullet, ballyhoo, or mackerel for your baits, but use the same kind of bait to fill out your dredge teaser to make it look like a school of all the same species.

dredge mullet teaserNothing draws fish up like a natural dredge!

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Robert "Fly" Navarro
Known by most on the docks as “Fly,” you can pretty much expect to see Robert "Fly" Navarro at the sport's largest tournaments and hot spots. Fly began the life of a traveling deckhand in his early 20's. He took a childhood passion and turned it into a career that took him around the world work...