Deidra Bridger’s Shark Rig Video

Deidra Bridger is no stranger to the fishing world. She works with Capt. Bo Johnson running Tenacity Guide Service in Southwest Florida and Key West. Together they put clients on a wide variety of saltwater gamefish including tarpon, goliath grouper, barracuda, and yes… sharks. In fact they actively compete in many fishing tournaments including the Madfin Shark Series, which they won in 2013. This televised shark fishing tournament focuses on a point system for species, method and release.

Rigging for sharks is second nature for Deidra and she joins us in this BD Fishin Chick How-To Video demonstrating, step by step, how to build a shark rig. We are also proud to say that Deidra is a long-time BD Fishin Chick.

Photo Credit: Tenacity Guide Service

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