How To Debone Mackerel For Bait

debone mackerelFly Navarro is back with his good friend Capt. Paco Vela to continue their series on rigging up for daytime swordfishing.  In this fishing video tip, they demonstrate how to debone mackerel for swordfish bait.  The process of deboning a mackerel is done to leave the bait as limber as it can be, making it swim better and have a much more enticing presentation to a daytime swordfish.

“We are actually trying to mimic an eel, a natural forage for swordfish, so the mackerel needs to swim as much as possible”, said Capt. Paco.  “To make the bait more limber, I remove the entire backbone and all the fins of the mackerel.  We then sew the mackerel back up with rigging floss while adding the hook.”

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