California Spiny Lobster Tips – All You Need To Know

Rodney Marquez of BDOutdoors shares tips on how to hoop net for California spiny lobster, including regulations, techniques and the gear required to succeed.

spiny lobster tips
Rodney explains 3 categories; rules and regulations, how to measure lobster, and the preferred gear for catching lobster.

“The first thing you need to do is get the proper licenses in order to go hoop netting for lobster,” said Rodney.  “Then you have to learn how to measure them properly to determine if the lobsters are of legal size to keep.  Then you need to have the hoop nets and related gear in order to catch them.  It takes a little set up, but it is well worth it to catch your own lobster dinner!”

spiny lobster tips

The BD Swag shop sells these custom Bloodydecks lobster gauges for measuring lobsters.  They are precise and made of aluminum so they will last.

spiny lobster tips

Rodney was using a rigid Promar lobster hoop net that is available at your local tackle shop.  He also describes the bait options and equipment associated with the hoop net.  The buoy and light combo and bait container are integral parts to the set up.  “Don’t forget, there are required numbers that go on your floats, so make sure you’re legal,” says Rodney.

spiny lobster tips

For more information on the rules and regulations of California Spiny Lobster, visit the CDFW website.

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Rodney Marquez
Mr. Rodney Marquez was born and raised in San Diego. Catching anything from largemouth bass to big game tuna, he loves sharing his knowledge through his videos. He is eager to learn and grow with the BD community and is now the video manager of BDOutdoors.