Bluefin Tuna Foamer Fishing Gear and Tackle Tips

Over the past few seasons there has been one particular fishery that’s captivated the minds and attention of nearly the entire Southern California offshore community: Foaming bluefin. Nothing can compare to the rush of pulling into a spot of water churning like a washing machine, and nothing will be as frustrating as casting right through it without a bite. This week, BDOutdoors Pro Contributor Nate Winicki covers some of the most effective artificial presentations such as poppers, stick baits, surface irons, and metal jigs to show you how and when to use them so you can be successful on your next mission to pull a few fish from the foam. Let us know your thoughts on these bluefin tuna foamer fishing gear and tackle tips!

Gear in video:

Rod and Reel

  • Calstar GG-90J
  • Daiwa Saltiga 40


  • Rapala Magnum Xplode Popper
  • Clear Choice Ghost 150 Popper
  • Yo-Zuri Bull Pop
  • Shimano Current Sniper Stickbait
  • Salas 7X
  • Tady Starman
  • Tady 14A
  • Daiwa Zakana
  • Shimano Current Sniper
  • Nomad Ridgeback
Growing up in Oceanside California, Nathan Winicki found his passion for fishing at a young age through going on open party trips with his dad, a former sport boat captain and veteran long ranger. For the past 14 years, Nathan has experienced everything from overnight trips to 10 day voyages, and ha...
Very nice. I think a spinning combo is going to be more user friendly than a beefy 9 foot jig stick for most folks, but certainly subjective as you said.