Ballyhoo Eyeball Remover

Ballyhoo Rigging Eyeball Remover

Removing a ballyhoo’s eyeballs is an essential step in many styles of offshore bait rigging and a finer point in others.

You can use a number of different objects to help you quickly remove the ballyhoo’s eyes, but this simple tool is easy to make and will help you save some time when rigging baits.

To get started, beg, borrow or buy an aluminum arrow from a buddy or the store.

Take a hack saw to it and cut both ends. I like to cut mine down to about 16 inches long, give or take a little bit.

Ballyhoo Rigging Eyeball

Using a piece of sandpaper, smooth down the edges and remove any burrs from both ends. That’s basically all you need to do. The arrow will resist rust and is nice and light to work with.

The finished tool makes removing the ballyhoo’s eyeballs a quick-and-painless step in the bait rigging process. Taking out the eyes is an essential part of prepping ballyhoo for trolling so they swim correctly. Some guys leave the eyes in, but most mates out there prefer to remove them.

Ballyhoo Rigging Eyeball

Capt. Scott Goodwin
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